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Crafting To Save Money

After my wife and I bought our first house, we realized that we wanted to fix up a few things. Instead of hiring expensive contractors to paint and install bead board, we decided to give the projects a try on our own. It was a lot of work, but after we had refinished our front door, painted the rooms, and updated our crown molding, we were amazed to see the difference. This blog is for all of you crafters out there that need a little help getting started with your home hobbies. Read here to learn more about wood refinishing, home decor, painting, and tons of other topics.


Crafting To Save Money


3 Metal Martial Arts Weapons For Close Combat

Close combat weapons are incredibly important in martial arts. This is because of the focus on hand-to-hand fighting. There are projectile weapons such as blowguns and throwing stars, but most fighting styles will focus on teaching students on how to operate either wooden weapons (bo staff, nunchaku) or metal weapons.  This article will cover 3 of the most important metal weapons. Sai The sai resembles a short trident. It has one long metal baton, sometimes sharpened to a point, and two prongs on either side.