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Crafting To Save Money

After my wife and I bought our first house, we realized that we wanted to fix up a few things. Instead of hiring expensive contractors to paint and install bead board, we decided to give the projects a try on our own. It was a lot of work, but after we had refinished our front door, painted the rooms, and updated our crown molding, we were amazed to see the difference. This blog is for all of you crafters out there that need a little help getting started with your home hobbies. Read here to learn more about wood refinishing, home decor, painting, and tons of other topics.


Crafting To Save Money


Plan Some Outside Fun For Your Older Children Now For When The Temperature Warms Up

Even though it is fall and winter is not far away, you can take time now to plan some fun activities for your older children outside for this spring and summer. Below are two things you should consider doing. Outdoor Flying Making something fly in the air is fun for children. You can purchase some model aircrafts that you children can control while they are flying it. There are two types of aircraft you can choose from: helicopter or airplane.

4 Tips Caring For Your Rare Coins

Whether you are trying to protect your financial investment or you simply want to make sure that your rare coins are always looking their best, you might want to take a few minutes to review the following four tips. Don't Touch The Face It is very important to make sure that you are holding your rare coin in the best manner possible in order to protect its value. To do this, you will want to always hold your rare coins by their edges, instead of touching the front or back of them.

How To Care For Your Paint Brushes

There's nothing more frustrating than to wake up the next morning with the intent of applying a second coating of paint to your walls only to find that your paintbrushes have dried into unusable blobs of paint and bristles. If you leave the paint on the brushes and allow them to dry overnight, it's going to be very difficult to restore them to a usable form. Here are some tips for making sure that you take care of your paint brushes in the future and don't have to halt your painting process to purchase new brushes.