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Crafting To Save Money

Why Big Soft Building Blocks Are Perfect For Children With Touch Sensitivity

by Thibaut Caron

Touch sensitivity is a complex sensory issue that can trigger emotional problems in some children by making them unusually sensitive. This may make it hard for them to play with various toys or interact with others until they learn coping mechanisms that make this situation easier. Thankfully, big building blocks are a great tool for these children. 

The Benefits of Big Soft Building Blocks for Touch-Sensitive Children   

Big soft building blocks provide a unique play option that appeals to many children. They are designed to fit comfortably in young children's hands, while also providing a large surface for building and creating. For children with touch sensitivity, they may be a perfect toy option. That's because big soft building blocks are:

  • Easy to Handle: Big soft building blocks include very soft textures and materials that make them much easier for children to handle. Touch-sensitive children may find them particularly useful because they may not overstimulate their bodies. Instead, their softer and gentler textures should feel comfortable and easy to use for just about any child.
  • Fun for Children: Children love playing with blocks because they activate their problem-solving minds and let them create whatever they want. As a result, a touch-sensitive child can have more fun with their blocks and can create fun places to hang out by themselves, with parents, or even with their friends.
  • Creative and Engaging: Beyond being easy to handle and fun to play with for touch-sensitive children, big soft blocks are also creative. They encourage children to build new and exciting patterns and provide a unique platform for young ones. This kind of mental stimulation may help them develop more problem-solving skills as they age into maturity.

These benefits make big soft play blocks a great choice for many situations. For example, a doctor or therapist may integrate them into their treatment routine to help their patients. However, parents may also buy them and spread them throughout the house to give their little ones a toy that feels more comfortable for their touch sensitivity. 

Choosing the Best Block Options 

Many providers sell high-quality big soft building blocks, including medical providers, toy companies, and more. People interested in these blocks should talk with their doctor to see if they fit their child's needs. They can then integrate these blocks into a touch-sensitive child's playroom to see how they react and whether they help them feel more comfortable playing.