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Crafting To Save Money

What Can Kids Do With Soft Play Blocks?

by Thibaut Caron

Playtime is vital for young children. Kids learn while they're playing as well as when they're in the classroom. Providing kids with a range of age-appropriate toys can enhance their play. Large, soft foam blocks make excellent toys for children both young and old. Here are four things that kids can do with soft play blocks.

1. Kids can create their own play structures.

Play structures are lots of fun for kids. Inside playhouses, kids can pretend to be adults, mimicking the things they see their parents doing every day. They can also create elaborate stories based on fantasy adventures. Building a play structure can be even more fun and edifying than using a prebuilt one. Kids can use large, soft foam blocks to build their own play structures. Learning how to fit blocks together to create walls and windows can give kids an improved sense of spatial awareness. 

2. Kids can sit on soft play blocks.

Soft play blocks are usually large enough to make excellent seating for children. Kids can sit on play blocks to listen to stories told by adults or play verbal games with each other. If kids require taller chairs, they can stack two or more play blocks on top of each other to add more height. Soft play blocks can be used to create comfortable, kid-sized furniture based on kids' own imaginations. Many kids take particular pleasure in using items that are just their size.

3. Kids can practice their shape and color identification skills.

During childhood, kids learn to identify different things in the world around them. Abstract concepts are more difficult for kids to grasp, but concrete examples can help children understand. Foam play blocks come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Kids can use play blocks to challenge and improve their color and shape identification skills. As they play, they can learn to recognize triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares.

4. Kids can engage in self-directed learning.

Parents and teachers have an important role to play when it comes to the education of children. However, self-directed learning is equally important. When kids are given the freedom to explore the concepts that interest them, they can learn at an exponential rate. Playtime is a prime time for self-directed learning. All you need to do is give your child a set of big play blocks and watch them build, explore, and create on their own terms.

For more information about children's soft play big blocks, contact a local craft and hobby store near you.