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Crafting To Save Money

Use Some Elevated Stitchwork To Add Floral Designs To Purses And Tote Bags

by Thibaut Caron

The spiral trellis and the French knot are two stitches that will add dimension to your embroidery projects. If you enjoy making handmade purses and tote bags, use some embroidery patterns to aid in adding floral designs to each creation.

A Bouquet Or Single Flowers

Canvas, vinyl, cotton or another fabric type that is a solid color can be accentuated with hand stitching that contains bold or muted colors of embroidery floss. Purchase patterns that feature bouquets of wildflowers or single roses or daisies that are created with some fancy stitchwork.

Either add one distinct design to each purse or tote bag or add a series of pictures, which will provide the crafted items with a textured print that consists of basic floral pictures that are spaced evenly apart.

Look at the back of each kit, to determine the dimensions of each design and the colors and length amounts of embroidery floss that you will need to complete a project. You can make substitutions, if you think that some colors will look better with the fabric type that is used to construct a particular bag. For instance, if you are going to make a line of pastel purses and tote bags, use some light-colored floss varieties to complement the soft fabric hues.

The Process Of Adding The Designs

If you are going to make a small amount of handcrafted items and want to experiment with all of the kits that you have purchased, designate one design for each purse or bag. For a larger yield of purses and bags, choose one pattern for a group of purses or bags.

Add the same design to all of the handcrafted items, prior to selecting another pattern and adding the design to a different fabric pocketbook or tote. If the complex stitchwork is a little more elevated than the embroidery that you are accustomed to adding to fabric, take the time to learn each stitch in entirety, before attempting to add a design to one of your custom creations.

If you want to conceal the backside of each embroidered design, including any knots that you have made in the ends of floss strands, add a liner to the inside of each purse or bag. Use a waterproof material for each liner and use a straight or zigzag stitch to secure the liner fabric to each cloth shell. Use your sewing machine to complete this final step. For more information, you can find hand-stitch embroidery patterns online or in craft stores in your area.