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Crafting To Save Money

Plan Some Outside Fun For Your Older Children Now For When The Temperature Warms Up

by Thibaut Caron

Even though it is fall and winter is not far away, you can take time now to plan some fun activities for your older children outside for this spring and summer. Below are two things you should consider doing.

Outdoor Flying

Making something fly in the air is fun for children. You can purchase some model aircrafts that you children can control while they are flying it. There are two types of aircraft you can choose from: helicopter or airplane. Helicopters use gyroscopes to keep them stabilized while they are in the air. Airplanes take up more space because they are generally larger than helicopters, and will need to be flown in flying fields or large parks if you do not have a large yard.

Another option that your children may like even more is a quadcopter. This type of aircraft is a multirotor with four arms that has a propeller and motor at the end of each arm. While in flight, two of the rotors turn clockwise, while the other two rotors turn counterclockwise.  This gives the quadcopter more stability. There are electronics onboard that will keep the quadcopter level while your children are giving it commands via a remote on where they want it to fly.

The remote your child will use has joystick controls on each side. One joystick controls the throttle, while the other joystick controls the pitch. The quadcopter will come with instructions on how to get everything set up and will tell you how to use the hand controller.

Water Fun

Purchase a small above-ground pool for your children to play in the water. There are metal frame pools that are not as expensive as a traditional in-ground and above-ground pool. These pools can be set up very quickly, and then filled up with water via your garden hose.  Follow the instructions that come with the pool on how to set it up in your yard. Wherever you place it, make sure the ground is level. You can purchase these pools at most places that sell pools or online. They come in different sizes and depths.

Purchase some water toys now, such as some water spray guns, noodles, beach balls, and fun swimming rafts for your child to sit in while they are enjoying their pool.

If you follow these tips, your kids will have a blast this summer, and you will have more time for yourself.

For more information about quadcopters, contact a company such as Superior Hobbies.